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Restructuring and redundancy HR Support Services Northamptonshire

Redundancy & restructure is an organisational change which can be challenging and uncomfortable for both management and employees.

The restructuring and redundancy process needs to be conducted fairly and in line with current legislation; there are complex and detailed procedures that must be followed in order to avoid unnecessary anxiety for employees and claims for unfair dismissal. Redundancy is also a very sensitive time for individuals; therefore organisations have a duty to ensure that their employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

The process of redundancy and the legislation that must be adhered to varies considerably depending on the number of redundancies that are proposed, and the consequences of getting it wrong can be costly.

Farsight HR combines experience, extensive employment law knowledge and the appropriate communication tools to make sure that the redundancy/restructure process is completed successfully with minimum disruption and cost to your organisation as possible.

We provide sensitive and professional support and advice at all stages of the redundancy/restructure process including; assisting in the selection criteria, providing redundancy payment calculations, hosting consultations with employees and the provision of all documentation, guidance notes and letters.

We also provide a comprehensive range of post-redundancy services from outplacement support for employees who have been made redundant, help for employees who have not been made redundant with survivor guilt and planning for the impact redundancy may have on your organisations future recruitment. 

Alternatively if you have the in-house resources to manage the redundancy/restructure process yourself we can offer a half a day training seminar on the whole redundancy/restructure process, detailing how to get it right and pitfalls to avoid.

For more information please contact us.