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Disciplinary and Grievance Outsourced HR Support Northamptonshire

Contact HR Support Northampton

Disciplinary and grievance procedures not only cost organisations time and money they can also have a negative impact on other members of staff causing morale and productivity to drop.

Our experienced HR Support specialists can take out managing the stress and strain enabling you to continue concentrating on your organisation whilst we conduct an independent and impartial investigation.

At Farsight HR Northamptonshire, we appreciate the challenges and hurdles that disciplinary and grievances can have within an organisation - we are here to support you every step of the way. We can handle the whole process for you, providing you with a competent and experienced HR consultant to attend meetings, take notes, compile reports, provide advice and create the necessary documents and templates – all the while maintaining confidentiality and integrity, ensuring all of your legal obligations as an employer are fulfilled.

The world of employment law is complex and ever-changing, at Farsight HR we ensure we keep right up-to-date with the law as it changes ensuring our advice, services and support are current and relevant.

We also provide the following disciplinary and grievance services: 

  • Legislation advice and guidance - ensuring compliance at all times
  • Ensure the process is fair and transparent at all times
  • Investigation preparation including carrying out the investigation meetings and report writing
  • Disciplinary hearing preparation including carrying out the disciplinary hearing and outcome letter
  • Comprehensive appeal process support 
  • Letter and key documentation templates